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What Are We Capable Of Manifesting?

Have you ever wondered what we are capable of manifesting? I know I sure have, as has many of our students. Sometimes I would fully believe that we create our reality, and at other times I'd think it was all just a coincidence.

This happened many times over and over again since a very young age. In the past I manifested my dream business being successful and thought it was a coincidence. I manifested my dream house and figured it was a coincidence. I manifested a relationship with my dream partner and thought it was a coincidence.

From there I realized I manifested all of these things, but wasn't sure how to replicate it. This made it so I tossed it off as just a coincidence. And then I decided to experiment a little and get specific with every little detail from the amount of money to the time frame.

If you're wondering what the steps by step details are of what I did, check out this blog post: how to visualize clearly.

What I Did To Manifest $45,000

The first thing I did was get out a piece of paper and write down what I wanted, how I would get it, how I would feel if I got it, and what time frame I wanted it by.

I would feel so grateful if I logged into my investment account in a month from now during new years and see my portfolio of $1500 grow to $45,000.

Once I clearly wrote down what I wanted I then wrote a scene that I would manifest every morning when my alarm went off.

In the scene I saw myself logging into my account and seeing $45,000 and then felt myself getting so overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude that I'd pulled out my phone and send a picture to my friends.

Weeks went by and I didn't really notice anything changing in the external world. It even got to points where I'd doubt myself. When I felt this doubt, I would start visualizing the scene again until I felt a sense of excitement and gratitude. 

I started feeling grateful and excited to such a degree that I'd often forget it hasn't happened yet. I even remember accidentally blurting it out to one of my friends. They thought I was crazy.

At some point close to a month in I was getting ready to travel and celebrate New Year's Eve at a concert with the same friend. I was caught up with traveling and having fun that I completely forgot about manifesting the $45,000.

Before we left for our New Years Eve concert, my friend asked if I could show him my investment account because he was looking for a new platform to use. I logged into my account, and was shocked and yet excited to see that it was worth over $45,000! I showed my friend, and even he was shocked. I then instinctively took out my phone and took a picture and sent it to the rest of my friends. After explaining to them what I did, our lives have not been the same.

What Are We Capable Of Manifesting?

Today, I strongly believe that what's possible is actually up to you as an individual. We are ALL born with the ability to manifest what we truly desire, and sometimes we just forget how truly unlimited we really are... 

What would you do if you truly believed in your ability to manifest anything you desire? 

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