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A Simple Yet Powerful Manifesting Method

Neville Goddard was a spiritual teacher and author who was known for his teachings on manifestation and the law of attraction. One of his most popular techniques is "Isn't it wonderful," which is a simple and effective way to manifest anything you desire in life. This technique emphasizes the power of feelings and emotions in shaping your reality and is based on the idea that the outer world is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings.

The Power of Feelings in Manifestation

According to Neville Goddard, our feelings play a crucial role in attracting what we want into our lives. When we feel good and positive, we are sending out a signal to the universe that we are open to receiving positive experiences and abundance. On the other hand, when we feel negative and stressed, we are sending out a signal that we are not ready to receive positive experiences and abundance. Hence, to manifest what we want, it's important to focus on feeling good and positive.

The Isn't it Wonderful Method

The "Isn't it wonderful" method is designed to help you bring about the feeling of your desire being fulfilled. The idea is that once you successfully practice the feelings of your desire, manifestation will happen without any effort on your part. You will start to see synchronicities, signs, and angel numbers that indicate your manifestation is getting closer.

The technique is suitable for manifesting specific things as well as improving your life in multiple areas. If you are not sure about what you want to manifest, this method can be a great help. The generic wording of "Isn't it wonderful" can help you achieve everything you need to positively transform your life.

How to Use this Method

If you are uncertain about what you want to manifest, follow these steps to use the "Isn't it wonderful" method:

  1. Before going to sleep, get into a relaxed state through meditation or any practice that calms you down. This is important as in a relaxed state, your conscious mind slows down, giving you direct access to your subconscious.
  2. Once you are relaxed, bring about the feeling that you would feel if all your desires were already fulfilled.
  3. Hold onto that positive feeling and start repeating the phrase "Isn't it wonderful?" over and over again. The repetition of the phrase with positive feelings tricks your brain into feeling like your desire has already been fulfilled.
  4. Go to sleep while repeating "Isn't it wonderful?" along with positive feelings.
  5. Repeat this process for as many nights as you want, ideally for a few weeks so that your subconscious has been impressed with the feeling.

If you have something specific to manifest, follow these steps:

  1. Be clear about what you want to manifest. Write it down on a paper if possible.
  2. Before going to sleep, get into a peaceful and relaxed state through meditation or any practice that calms you down.
  3. In a relaxed state of mind, construct a future scene that shows your desire has already been fulfilled.
  4. Feel the positive feelings of joy, happiness, gratitude, or any other positive feelings that helps you believe that your wish have been granted.
  5. With the future scene playing in your mind along with positive feelings in your heart, start repeating "Isn't it wonderful?". To see a bit more about the scientific evidence of how this works, click here.

Other Manifesting Techniques by Neville Goddard

Along with the "Isn't it wonderful" technique, there are several other powerful techniques by Neville Goddard that you can use to manifest your dreams:

The Revision Technique

The revision technique, also known as the change the past technique, involves revisiting past events in your mind and imagining them as having already happened the way you want them to be. This technique is based on the idea that the past and present are constantly being reinterpreted and reshaped in our minds, and by changing the way we think about our past, we can change the way we experience the present and the future.

If you're interested in learning more about this technique, check out this detailed guide we wrote.

The Telephone Method

The telephone method is a simple yet effective visualization method. It involves closing your eyes, imagining that you are answering the phone, and hearing the voice of someone who has already given you what you desire. This can be a friend, a family member, or even a stranger, and the key is to focus on the feeling of gratitude and joy that you would experience if you received what you desire.

The End State Method

The end state method involves visualizing yourself in the end state of having already achieved your goal, as if it has already happened. This method helps you to focus on the feelings and emotions that you would experience in that state, and helps you to bring those feelings into your present moment.

Create The Life You Want

These are just a few of the powerful manifestation techniques that Neville Goddard taught and that you can use to bring your dreams to life. By focusing on the feelings and emotions that you want to experience in your life, and by visualizing yourself as already having what you desire, you can tap into the power of your mind to create the life you want.

If you're struggling with visualization, we created this guide to help you

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