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Who Is Neville Goddard?

Neville Goddard was a self-help author, speaker, and teacher who was renowned for his teachings on the power of imagination in manifestation. He believed that by harnessing the power of your imagination, you could change your reality and bring your desires to life. In this article, we'll explore one of the most powerful manifestation method that Neville used himself to get what he wanted, the "I Remember When" method.

What is the "I Remember When" Manifestation Method?

The "I Remember When" method is a powerful tool for reality creation that was introduced by Neville Goddard. The technique involves using your imagination and affirming statements to your subconscious to trick it into feeling as if you are living your desire. For example, you could say to yourself, "I remember when I wasn't earning millions of dollars," which gives your subconscious the impression that there was a time when you weren't earning millions, but now you are.

How to Use the "I Remember When" Method

Using the "I Remember When" method by Neville Goddard is straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Step One: Get into a High Vibration

Before you begin the "I Remember When" technique, it's important to get into a high vibration and a good mood. This is because a good mood provides a solid foundation for your manifestation, and when you are already vibrating at a higher frequency, you dramatically increase your chances of manifesting your desires.

Step Two: Identify Your Desire

After getting into a relaxed or joyful state, clearly identify the desire that you want to manifest. For example, if you want to manifest money, you would affirm statements that start with "I remember when" that imply that you already have the money you desire.

For example:

  • I remember when I wasn't earning enough money to pay the bills.
  • I remember when manifesting huge amounts of money wasn't so easy for me.
  • I remember when I felt financially stuck.
  • I remember when I wasn't living a life of such luxury and magic.

Say these statements for a few minutes and feel what you're saying. Try to imagine the time when you didn't have enough money, and then imagine the present, as if you already have all the money you want. Feel the tension and the relief. Repeat this exercise for as long as you want, even just two minutes is enough if you've truly felt the feelings of your "I remember when" statements.

Step Three: Let It Go

After you're done, the last step is to let it go and go about your day as usual. Don't obsess over your desire throughout the rest of the day. You've done your part by accurately communicating your desires to the universe, now let the universe take care of the rest.

How Long Should You Use this Manifestation Method?

Neville Goddard recommended doing the "I Remember When" technique once daily for up to four weeks for one single desire. This is because it takes repetition to get your subconscious mind to accept any statement as a fact. So, repeat, repeat, repeat, and then after you feel your mind has become comfortable with the statement, let it go with grace and allow the universe to do its thing.

Why "I Remember When" Is So Effective 

  1. Reduces worries about your desire's future: Saying statements starting with "I remember when" is comforting and helps to reduce any anxiety you might be feeling about your desire. This is because it tells your mind that the problem is in the past and you have already overcome it. This makes it easier to release any resistance and to change your vibration.
  2. Puts you in a better mood and higher vibration: "I remember when" instantly lifts your mood and signals your brain that you have overcome challenges, allowing you to bask in the fulfilled desire. This higher vibration also means you will manifest your desires faster and more easily.
  3. Improves imagination: Manifestation is all about imagination and the better you can imagine, the more you can manifest. This technique specifically trains your mind to imagine the past and present vividly, improving your imagination skills which will help in all areas of manifestation.

Get Started With "I Remember When"

In conclusion, using "I remember when" is a simple but effective tool for eliminating anxiety about the future of your desire. By reflecting on past experiences and anchoring yourself in positive memories, you can boost your confidence, increase your motivation, and tap into the power of your subconscious mind. So the next time you're feeling uncertain or nervous about your desire, try the "I remember when" method and see how it makes you feel.

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