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What Is Visualization?

The number one obstacle that our students faced with visualization was that they didn't know how it was different from daydreaming. 

Visualization is different from day dreaming in that it is a conscious and intentional practice. Visualization requires you to think about a specific outcome and imagine it in detail, making it an active process that can help you reach your goals.

Day dreaming, on the other hand, often involves fantasizing about the future or thinking about things that aren't necessarily related to any specific goals. Visualization can be a powerful tool for manifesting what you want in your life, whereas day dreaming is more about taking a mental break and letting your imagination wander.

3 Tips For How To Visualize Clearly

Here are three tips that helped our students visualize and manifest what they wanted with ease. 

Tip 1: Write in detail what it is you want to manifest.

If you wrote down you want to manifest more money, write out how much money it is that you want to manifest. If you want to manifest a relationship, write down the details of the relationship you want.

Tip 2: Script a scene that implies what you want is already done. 

For this tip write down what you would be visualizing to know that what you have manifested what it is you want. The most important part here is to think from end rather than trying to figure out the process.

Tip 3: Write down how YOU are experiencing the scene internally and externally.

This third tip is one of the most important and often overlooked. Write out in detail the feelings you are feeling internally as well as the sensations you are feeling externally. An example of this is internally feeling joy, as you externally are holding a check in your hands.  

Bonus Tip: Set Aside Time To Visualize

For this bonus tip it's important you deliberately set aside time to visualize. It's easy to get lost in day dreaming, when we doing set aside time to visualize with intention. 

Here is a story of how I used these same tips and principles to manifest $45,000.

Getting Started With Visualization

Our students have had countless success stories with visualization. The one thing we have learned is what's possible is up to you. We are ALL born with the ability to manifest what we truly desire. Often times it's our own beliefs from our past experiences that causes us to believe or not believe in ourselves.

I've helped hundreds of students manifest their dreams, and I'd love to help you manifest your dreams too. Click Here to schedule a Free 30 Minute Call to see how I can help you.

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