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Abraham Hicks Quote About Manifesting

Is Manifestation Real?

Yes, manifestation is real! In fact if you can imagine it, you can manifest it in your life.

Don't Believe us? Check out these manifesting examples from popular celebrities to learn their manifestation stories!

After all if other have manifested success, money, or love, in their life, so can you!

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If you are still wondering does the law of attraction work, this manifest how to guide by Drake a popular hip hop artist will blow you away.

In this video, he explains that all he did was repeatedly rehearse the experiences in his mind, and all of it started to manifest around in his life. 

Tom Holland

If you're still wondering is manifestation real, then wonder no more. Tom Holland is known to have manifested everything in his from specific movie roles to his relationship with Zendaya.

In the video below, Robert Pattinson shares a story about Tom Holland wearing a costume pretending to be Spider Man before he actually got the role of spider man!

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Jim Carrey

Jim Carry shares how he manifested the launch of his acting career even though he was broke and homeless.

He talks about writing himself a check for a million dollars and how he would visualizing his future and feel it as done.

5 years later, he received a contract for 10 million dollars!  

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LMFAO is hip hop artist group that is obsessed with the law of attraction.

This video not only explains what the law of attraction is, it also talks about how manifesting is a game of imagining everything the way you want it to be! 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not only a successful actor and bodybuilder, he also was the 38th governor of California serving two terms from 2006-2011.

Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't mention the law of attraction itself, but explains how everything is about the mind. He believes that if you can see it and feel it, the body will become it!

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Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is a UFC fighter that is known to have held multiple championship titles his career! 

What most people don't know is he used to be a broke plumber and borrowed his girlfriends car to go to work.

Regardless of where he was, he visualized himself as a champion and manifested it into his life. 

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Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is an actor and producer who has received three Golden Globe awards, two Academy Awards and even a Tony Award. 

In this video he doesn't specifically talk about the law of attraction, instead he explains the importance of coming from the heart. 

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Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is an actor who is now worth over a billion dollars! In this video he explains that he often gets asked how he did it all.

Tyler says all you gotta do is put all of your focus on planting one seed of desire and consistently watering it with your belief. That's it.

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Will Smith

Will Smith is an actor, rapper, and comedian who has won four grammies, five golden globes, and two academy awards and as of 2016 has grossed over $7.5 Billion in all of his films.

There are so many manifestation methods that really work. Will Smith says his success was from being unrealistic in believing what's possible.

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Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is famous talk show host and explains how the law of attraction helped him manifest everything he has in his life today.

If you want something, all you have to do is ask for it, believe in it, and become the person receiving it now.

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P Diddy

Diddy is a rapper and actor with numerous Grammies and MTV Music Awards and has a net worth of over $800 million.

He talks about how his Uncle Shrimp taught him a simple exercise of closing his eyes and dreaming.

When he opened his eyes he would feel it as done.

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